Learning Support at Stover

Stover School welcomes pupils of all abilities. However, we recognise that some pupils may need particular support in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by the school. This may be because of difficulties with learning and/or disabilities.

Support is provided according to individual needs and is on the basis that the pupil can access the National Curriculum. Ongoing assessment is used to develop the programme of support needed in consultation with pupils, parents and staff.

In Senior School the Learning Support Department offers the following support:

1-to-1 or Small Group Support in Lessons

Some pupils are assigned 1-to-1 support or small group support in some or all of their lessons. Rather than assigning a single support assistant, pupils tend to be assigned subject specialists. This means that pupils get the best possible help with their studies whilst developing rapport with a number of staff and building social skills. This support does carry an additional cost.

Literacy and Numeracy Intervention

Some pupils in KS3 have timetabled small group literacy and numeracy with our specialist staff intervention instead of a language. Our Numeracy and Literacy classrooms provide an environment with specialised resources in order for pupils to work towards their goals.

Supported Study

Some pupils in KS4 have timetabled study periods during which they are able to come into Learning Support to spend extra time completing their homework, researching projects or revising for tests and exams. Help is offered on an ad hoc basis with students able to access as much or as little as they wish. This is fostering an atmosphere of independence while still offering support if required.

Help with Homework

We recognise that some pupils need extra support completing their prep, going over lesson content or preparing for any upcoming tests. The Learning support Department offers help for these children during the activities time throughout KS3 and KS4.

Assessments of Learning Needs

The Learning Support Department has qualified and experienced staff to assess pupils’ individual learning difficulties and to determine access arrangements for exams. Some of our assessments might highlight difficulties which will need further diagnostic assessments by outside professionals which we will arrange after liaison with parents.

Pastoral Care

Many pupils with learning needs or disabilities face a variety of difficulties quite unrelated to their academic studies. The Learning Support Department offers both a safe and supportive space where pupils know they are always welcomed, valued and supported. We help pupils with their organisation, listen to any of their worries and help them to develop their social as well as independence skills. As Learning Support is used by pupils from all Year groups they often develop good relationships throughout the different age groups and some of our older pupils are very happy to share their experiences with the younger ones.


In addition to our general pastoral care, we also offer specialised support to develop communication, relationship skills, build confidence and develop resilience.

The staff in the Stover Learning Support Department are friendly and welcoming. Every member of our team brings unique strengths and specialities to the department. The department is always undergoing further professional development and we pride ourselves on continually working towards maintaining our reputation of excellence.

Our Learning Support Team

Mrs Sorensen – Head of Learning Support/SENCO