Religious Studies (RS) plays a key role in students’ spiritual and moral development and makes a substantive contribution to social and cultural development. Spiritual development is not solely the responsibility of RS, but it is clear that RS makes a major contribution to this aspect of students’ development.

Belief, of whatever kind, is something that affects the way people live and behave, and therefore is a vitally important area of study. At Stover we believe that there is more to being educated than simply the acquisition of knowledge and skill. We believe that part of the task of education is to help young people ‘to become fully human.’

This course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of the world in which you live by exploring the ideas and beliefs of some of its inhabitants. It also gives you the opportunity to explore your own ideas and beliefs.

You will be encouraged to discuss and debate, to listen to others and form your own opinions based on balanced and well informed arguments.

These issues will be studied through Christianity and Hinduism or Islam.


Three written examinations

Paper 1


Paper 2

Hinduism, Beliefs, Teachings and Practices or Islam, Beliefs and teachings & Practices

Paper 3

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world from a religious perspective. (Christianity)

Value: Religious Studies is a valuable preparation for adult life and for any career which requires critical and independent thinking. It engenders an awareness of the diversity of belief and an appreciation of alternative viewpoints. It is one of the Humanities fully recognised by Further and Higher Education. It has links to English, History, Law, Politics, Psychology, Medicine and Anthropology.