Our kind, energetic pupils genuinely care for and support each other. Their confidence is driven by the understanding that critical thinking is essential to knowledge.

Research Based Learning (RBL) is a philosophy that transcends the whole curriculum at Stover School, being employed from the Nursery to the Sixth Form.
It defines an approach in which teachers encourage pupils to be researchers, discoverers and creators of their own and others learning, within a lesson or series of lessons, which encapsulate a learning aim or objective.

Teachers encourage pupils to achieve a learning aim or objective, by being researchers, discoverers and creators of their own and others learning within lessons.
By its nature, this approach has at its heart, a hands on approach. The focus is, therefore, more practical, involving problem solving, discovering, experimentation and research, with pupils being given more responsibility for leading their own learning.

Pupils take ownership of their learning and derive more satisfaction, engagement and enjoyment from the outcomes achieved.
This methodology facilitates pupils in developing essential cognitive skills that will see them succeed in both higher educational environments and the wider world: creativity, critical analysis, logic, flexibility, risk management, research skills, problem solving, initiative, mental conflict, resolution, summation and conclusion.

In addition personal skills are developed, as successful Research Based Learning relies on fruitful interaction with both peers and staff. These include communication and presentation, team-working, personnel management, empathy and decision making skills, which in turn develop self-belief and the robustness required to deal with setbacks and failure.

The skill sets that are developed put pupils in the best possible position to prepare for and then access the highest levels and grades in public examinations, thus maximising their potential. More importantly, the understanding of learning and their own strengths results in young adults who can go on achieving for the rest of their lives.