Physical Education

The GCSE PE course covers a wide variety of theory. This ranges from learning about the body, the muscles and bones, to the way our body changes when we exercise and how it adapts to cope with the demands of physical activity. It also looks at how we learn things, what a good performance is, how to be active and healthy, our diet, training and coaching. We also study ethical issues in sport, sports psychology, pathways into sport, participation rates, and why we get involved in physical activity.

We recommend that students who take GCSE PE also participate in at least of two of their chosen sports outside of school, at a club, to access the higher grades at GCSE. In total the pupils will be assessed in three activities, that must be included on the specification, either one individual and two team, or vice versa. The practical performance makes up for 40% of the final mark, alongside a written piece of coursework, which requires pupils to analyse and evaluate their performance. There are two theoretical examinations, totalling 60%of the marks- these cover the topic areas mentioned above, applied anatomy and physiology and physical training, and socio-cultural influences, sports psychology, health fitness and well being.

We also offer, an A level course, and follow the AQA specification, at this level. Again, the course offers a diverse range of topics for study, which loosely follow what is covered at GCSE. In Yr12 pupils study anatomy and physiology, acquisition of skill and sport and society. At Yr13 we cover exercise physiology and biomechanics, sports psychology and more sport and society, this time incorporating technology in sport. At this level, pupils will also be assessed in one practical sport and are required to complete a piece of written coursework, again focussing on performance analysis. The examination requires pupils to be able to apply the theories they have learnt to practical performances and then analyse and evaluate these with appropriate discussion. There are two final examinations of two hours each, equating to 70% of the final mark. The practical and coursework, make up the other 30%.

Other opportunities for pupils arise from the involvement in our Sports Leaders courses. Currently we run a Young Leader course, during activities, for Yr7 and 8 pupils. At Level 2, we offer the Sports Leader qualification, in Yr12, and in Yr13, the Higher Sports leader award. This award enables our students to gain a qualification for their involvement in the running of our own school events and provides links, at the higher level, to other schools and outside agencies. Pupils on these courses are required to complete a set amount of leadership, which can often complement any work that they may already be involved in for their PDP. The course involves a theory lesson each week and the completion of an LER- learner evidence record. We encourage all pupils to help out in clubs and events over the course of the year, regardless of whether they are taking a qualification.