Supporting those who are serving in the armed forces

The aim of Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is to assist Service personnel to achieve continuity of education for their child(ren) that would otherwise be denied in the maintained school sector if their child(ren) accompanied them on frequent assignments both at home and overseas.

Non CEA – Stover School offers a package for service personnel who do not currently benefit from the CEA Allowance.

CEA Package – In collaboration with the MOD’s Continuity of Education Allowance, Stover School has created its own ‘All-Inclusive’ Service Family Package to work alongside the CEA. In addition to the CEA, this means Service Families pay a maximum addition of only 10% including extra charges such as uniform, laundry, Boarding trips and examination fees (contact the Bursar for further details).

Further information from MOD can be found here.