Wide ranging activities for all pupils

As the children move up the senior School, activities and supported study take place every day from 12noon until 12.45pm for KS3 and 12.45pm to 1.30pm for KS4 and KS5. We aim to offer a wide range of clubs to cater for the range of interests among our pupils. The activities programme is designed to develop pupils as individuals, enrich education and help recognise talent and potential. We encourage every pupil to try a range of these, which can lead to life-long hobbies and passions.

Pupils can select from a range of sporting, musical, artistic, creative, scientific activities. Two clubs that are particularly popular with our older pupils are the shooting and horse-riding clubs. Our Clay pigeon shooting club is run by John Bannister a qualified BASC shotgun Coach and NRA Range Conducting Officer with over 30 years’ experience. Our Horse Riding club gives our pupils the opportunity to ride two or three times per week at stables close to the school. Beginners quickly become more confident and competent around horses by a variety of fun activities, although the more serious side of how to care for and tack a horse is also taught. Pupils from the Senior School also have the option to join the Equestrian Team.

The aim is to provide something different, learn a new skill, tap into unknown talents. Crafts like lace making, quilting and Christmas Decorations are available, along with baking and Origami. Sporting options are offered daily, ranging from an endorphin enriching run around Stover Country Park to badminton, table tennis, volleyball as well as all the major sports such as hockey, rugby, football, cricket and athletics. This Summer, footgolf and frisbee golf were introduced, both proving popular. There was also opportunity for golf lessons from the professionals at Stover Golf Club. Archery and clay pigeon shooting are also offered by professionals in their field. Wellbeing walks, chess and “barks in the park” (dog walking) have also been popular options, for those wishing to slow the pace of the day down a bit.

The arts are covered with drama productions being rehearsed, dance routines practiced and performed, as well as stories and news of interest being reported for the Stover Magazine. A host of artistic mediums can be explored too, water colours, graffiti, photography and mandala art to name a few. There are also three choirs, an orchestra and a big band. Pupils demand has seen a resurgence of a very successful chess club, Italian language and cooking and a very popular dungeon and dragons club.

For those with scientific and environmental interests, electronics, robotics, app. development, chemistry experiments and the woodwork club have all been well attended and the Stover Green Team have been behind some worthy environmental initiatives.

In all, a most productive year and my thanks go to the dedicated staff who always come up with new, different and exciting activities for the children to experience and explore.