At Stover there are annual awards that pupils can work towards. They are presented on speech day in a special part of the ceremony where the winners collect their trophies from the Head teacher. Most subjects have specific awards and then there are awards outside of a specific area.

Currently we have the following awards:

  1. Dr Mark Turner STEM award
  2. Enterprise Prize for Business Studies Sixth Form
  3. The Jorgensen Plate for Commitment and Progress in EAL
  4. The Logan Key Stage 3 Art Prize
  5. The ‘Grace Chapman-Duke’ Progress in Photography Prize
  6. Connell/Sandhurst Cup for Service to the School
  7. Sarah Bruce Cup for Service to School Music
  8. Patricia Cardale Cup for Instrumental Achievement
  9. Redstone Cup for best Junior Musician
  10. Bairstow Cup for the Highest Associated Board Result
  11. Trower Junior Cricket Cup
  12. Junior Rugby Cup
  13. Senior Rugby Cup
  14. Sixth Form Art Prize