Science (Separate)

Pupils who choose to opt for the Separate GCSE Sciences will, at the end of the courses, gain three separate GCSEs, in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The additional content that they study covers more challenging material and is ideally suited to those pupils considering studying the Sciences at A Level or those who enjoy learning about scientific issues.

The courses study the same topics as Combined Science but cover additional content and include greater detail and depth.

Biology Course Content B1: You and your genes B2: Keeping healthy B3: Living together – food and ecosystems B4: Using food and controlling growth B5: The human body – staying alive B6: Life on Earth – past, present and future B7: Ideas about Science B8: Practical Skills Chemistry Course Content C1: Air and water C2: Chemical patterns C3: Chemicals of the naturals environment C4: Material choices C5: Chemical analysis C6: Making useful chemicals C7: Ideas about Science C8: Practical Skills Physics Course Content P1: Radiation and waves P2: Sustainable energy P3: Electric circuits P4: Explaining motion P5: Radioactive materials P6: Matter – models and explanations P7: Ideas about Science P8: Practical Skills Each Science GCSE is examined in two papers, each 1 hour 45 minutes and worth 90 marks.