Welcome to Stover Preparatory School

Stover Preparatory is the age 3-11 part of Stover School a day and boarding co-educational school nestled between Dartmoor and the Coast in South Devon.

Inspiring, encouraging and celebrating the individual in each child.

Imagine a school where young children can experience a wide range of learning opportunities; A school where ambition and success are encouraged and where all achievements are celebrated wholeheartedly. A school that has firm boundaries within an intentionally gentle learning culture.

Pupils are nurtured in a small school environment yet enjoy all the resources, expertise and opportunities that come with belonging to the broader Stover School community. We know that children thrive when they feel safe, supported and happy. We combine a gentle learning culture, firm boundaries and compassion to help each pupil grow in confidence to be their best selves.

Teaching isn’t just for the classroom. Our 64 acre site in South Devon is nestled between the moor and the sea, encouraging freedom, play, creativity, imagination and adventure.

The curriculum is rich with opportunity – from languages to drama, art, science and a whole range of sports – all delivered by dedicated preparatory school teachers and senior school specialists.

Our children develop into confident, open minded, creative and critical thinkers, independent learners, team players and leaders – a foundation of skills for their future world.

A strong sense of self is key.

Stover children learn at a young age to grow a quiet internal confidence to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s a place where ambition and success is encouraged, but effort is valued above all – celebrating every child’s achievements.

Equally, pupils learn how to become responsible global citizens by understanding that taking care of each other and our world is of the utmost importance.

Our warm and welcoming environment puts children at ease.

Class sizes are small, staff numbers high and each child is truly known among their peers and teachers – our Preparatory School has a family feel in which all year groups play together and support each other.

By the end of Year 6, pupils feel well equipped to move up into secondary school, and for those staying at Stover, the transition feels familiar and safe.

In helping each child to feel valued and cherished in their youngest years, we set them on a path to learn well, achieve their ambitions and above all, be happy.

Meet The Preparatory School Head –
Mr Ben Noble

We would love the opportunity to show you Stover on a normal school day so you can experience all of these things for yourself.

Our hope is that you can then see your child becoming part of the Stover Prep School story and family.

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Do take a couple of minutes to watch the school film and then contact Emma Schramm, the Registrar, for further information or to arrange a tour of the school. We look forward to welcoming you to this magical and unique place.


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